Lana Del Rey: H&M

So, Lana Del Rey is at H&M! I saw an advert at a bus stop yesterday for the most lovely-ish dress ever! It would be perfect for teaching on my next practice. I am slightly in love with Lana Del Rey and went through a phase of listening to ‘Video games’ on repeat on the way to University.

The clothes are absolutely gorgeous. I just wish they were a little bit more 1940’s which is what her style is. Some of them have been designed a little bit too modern for my liking, but I suppose they have to be designed so that they sell more. I really like the peach coloured peg leg trousers that she wears in the trailer below and I also love the whole ‘old-ness’ of the advert with the sailer and the big old fashioned microphone. I actually just love the whole thing! Haha!

I bought the grey woll wiggle dress yesterday while I was having a look around, although, if I’m honest, there is loads that I would have bought as well as this. The jumpers and everything are all sooo soft, it’s crazy. My dress is very versatile though, I plan on wintering it up with tights and boots, or teacher-ing it up with tights and pumps/heels. It’s lovely :)

Go to your local H&M store and have a look at it. I guarantee that you will find something that you like. The jumpers/jackets are so nice and in there right at the best time, as it has started to get a bit chilly!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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