I like people who smile when it’s raining.

“Rain, Rain, go away; come again another day.”

So, I have finally done the thing that I have been putting off for about a month now and have finally booked my QTS tests. I still have a little while until ‘D Day’ but I so so so nervous, I can’t even describe. I don’t understand why tests do this to me, but I suppose it’s just the thought of someone grading your knowledge and ability that scares me a bit.

Hopefully it’ll all go okay and I will have been worying about nothing, but I am going to really try and revise and focus on this over the next month or so, so that I know I tried my best. Thing is, I have to pass it to become a teacher as the rules cahnged this year. So, I just need to knuckle down and get on with it!

Today is the most rain we have had in ages. I kind of like the rain though, there’s something strangly calming about it and it always makes me want to go out walking in it for some strange reason haha! But today, I need to stop listening to Emeli Sande and I must revise, like never before. So, have a brilliant day whatever you are doing today and remember to smile in the rain :)

Peace and love always, Polly May xx

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