Good morning, Good morning!!

People say that you’re either a morning person or a night person…. I don’t really know which of these I am.

I love being waking up and getting on with the day, but I don’t know if that necessarily makes me a morning person. I think that it is really important to wake up on a fresh start. If you went to sleep angry or upset, it is best to look at the problem from a logical point-of-view in the morning. New days are like new starts and people can take these for granted. I am a whole believer in the saying ‘things happen for a reason’ and rather than dwelling on them or letting them continue to affect you, it’s important that you focus on other things that are happening around you. Things that make you happy. :)

I have found this article from the New York Times, have a go at the quiz and see if you really are a morning person. (My score was 22).

I am going back to University this week, which means lots of early mornings, and I am determined to work harder than I have ever worked in my life!! I want to get the best degree I can to help me get a job and live a better life. I was having this conversation with a friend earlier in the week, but I also believe in the saying ‘Work to live, don’t live to work’. I have given up my part-time job for now, so that I can concentrate on my studying and try to learn as much as possible. It is kind of scary to think that this is my last year as a student, but I suppose learning never really stops.

So, if you want to become more of a morning person and fit more into your days!! I found this article to help you to do just that…. I am going to try and get up earlier and do more before midday, because as it is, I don’t really do an awful lot and this really has to change.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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