“…and this is almost unheard of!”

So, we all know that winter is well and truly on its’ way. I love this time of year, purely because you don’t need to wear big thick coats that you feel so bundled up in, you can wear nice jackets and jumper and feel more human! Haha! So here is a little fashion/WIWT/mirror/before I go out blog. I bought this jumper a little while ago and I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but I think I have succeeded in making it a lot more girly. I rolled the sleeves up (long sleeves don’t really suit me and they make you look shorter in the body too!) and paired it with some simple black denim floods and ballet pumps.

I do have to say that I absolutely love elbow pads and I am sooooooo happy that they are back in fashion this fall. I think that they add a bit more character to the clothes that they are on, especially when they are not on what you expect – like tweed jackets! – haha!! I also wore a new bright pink lipstick that I hadn’t worn before and I love it. It makes me feel quite Marilyn, I must say :) Haha!

I felt quite nice in this outfit, and haven’t felt overly nice in clothes for a little while, so it was definitely a winning day! It’s crazy how what you wear can completely change your mood! Haha! (My Dad even said that I looked nice – and this is almost unheard of! Haha!)

Peace and love, and I hope you feel nice today, Polly May xx

(This is my 400th post!!! YAY!!)


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