October the first.

So, I am super sorry for not blogging for the last couple of days (I feel a bit guilty haha)! But, I have had so much reading and work to do for University that I had to take a few days away from Polly may. I am currently about to start my maths activities and reading for EAL (English as an additional language). I just feel like I am behind already, which is probably not right, but it is so time consuming and I feel like there’s not enough hours in the days :/ (Do you like my new jazzy folders though?)

It is the 1st of October, and weather here has really started to change. It is crazy how quickly the seasons change. It can be sunny and bright one day and the next it’s all dull and miserable :( but, already the weather hasn’t been great and I have been overloaded with work, I do feel like I am happy at the moment. I have lots going on and I am quite excited about it all to be honest :) I was really happy to reach the 16,000 mark yesterday, so thank you to everyone that reads my blog; You all make me very happy indeedy :) Let’s see what October brings…. It’s all very exciting.

The Tone Up challenge is still going strong! To join and feel healthier after a few days, just click on the logo (right) or on the title at the top! :) It’s so easy and I feel 100% better for changing all of my foods to brown, although, it does get a little repetitive with the dinners, so if anyone has any new ideas that I could try, please comment on the page! I am still getting my graze boxes though, and my new one came this morning in the post :)

So, aims for October are obviously quite ‘University based’ and here they are:

  • Get organised!
  • Stay on top of readings and directed activities.
  • Pass my QTS skills tests in numeracy and literacy.
  • Continue the tone up challenge – I am still eating brown everything and eating my graze boxes :)
  • Eat more turkey dinosaurs! (Just to be less serious! Haha!)

Right, I am off to go and do some more readings and revision, but have a lovely day! Don’t let the rain get you down! :)

peace and love, Polly May xx


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