Autumn inspiration

While doing my usual and having a little scroll through, I found this. I absolutely love it and would love to go to Uni and be able to look something like this. It looks so comfortable, but really good. I love the sunnies and the scarf combination to make it all the more autumn! Although her bag is prada, and I could never afford it, it is still gorgeous and a girl can dream! Haha!

This girls hair is absolutely incredible! I need this hair. I recently watched Sex and the City 2 when I was having a couple of hours off from Uni work, and I have  got to say, I got serious hair envy of Carrie. I love curly hair at the moment, however, as my hair is secretly very thin, I’m not sure I could ever look as good as she does. (Not that I could anyway – her clothes and hair and general everything are all lovely!)

I definitely need some new sunnies for the winter. I have had the same aviators for about 5 years or so, and as much as I love them, they are scratched to smitherings and I can see them when I wear them now. I love sungalsses in the winter, and think they instantly glam up any outift.

This is just what autumn/winter looks like to me. Hair scruffed up and in a massive oversized jumper. (I also love the jumper!)

So, there you are, a few images that I thought I would share with you. I really love autumn (in fact, I think it might be my favourite season). It’s always a good excuse to buy yourself a few new bits for the winter and christmas. Haha!! I am getting back to my attempt to write one of my set essays now, but have a lovely evening off, whatever you end up doing :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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