Destination: Anywhere.

So, as you may already know, I want to travel pretty much everywhere. I have been lucky enough to have been to a good few places already with family, friends, college and school, but now I want to see the things on my bucket list! I want to see the Taj Mahal, I want to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, I want to ride an elephant, I want to get my hands hennaed, I want to say I’ve been on Route 66, I want to scuba dive in the Red Sea/Great Barrier Reef (I can’t choose!) I want to see Marilyn Monroe’s star, I want to visit the Wall of China, I want to climb a mountain, I want to see Giraffes up close in Africa, I want to see Ayres Rock, I want to see the Hollywood sign, I want to swim with dolphins, I want to see Vegas, I want to see Anne Frank’s house, I want to stay in one of those little house in the sea, with the little pier.

I had better get saving. Haha! Roll on September 2013, so all this hard work can start going towards something amazing!

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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