“I have decided I look a little too naked from the waist down…”

Boots – New Look, Patterned trousers – H&M, Cream dress – Primark.

So, after waking up yesterday in the best mood in a very long time, I decided to do as much work as possible and then go shopping (as I have been being good with my money and gerneally trying to shop less!) It turns out, the shops have got a ridiculous amount of lovely clothes and shoes and bags and accessories in store at the moment, ready for Christmas I suppose. I could have literally spent hundreds yesterday (like I don’t have a Stones ticket to pay for or anything haha!)

I thought that the boots were lovely, and practical too! i have been looking for girly (ish) boots for what feels like forever. However, as the style this winter is very much boy-ish, I have decided to find some relatively pretty ones and then dress them up with whatever I can wear them with :) I will be wearing an awful lot of dresses this winter with thick tights and these little beauties.

The patterned trousers were a bit of a whim, as I was unsure about what size to buy them in – Me and H&M sizing do not have the best track record. But, I took a guess and bought them, and actually really like them on. I think with little pumps and a blazer of some sort, they will look super cute and maybe even a bit retro :) I bought a light camel coloured pair too, but after trying them on, I have decided I look a little too naked from the waist down, so they’re going to go back haha!

The cream dress was an absolute steal! It’s a little big, but with a Mumberly as a dressmaker, that’s really not a problem at all. :) This dress was literally hidden on a back rail in primark and it was just Β£3! And that girls and boys is why I absolutely love Primark. I don’t even care if it gets ruined at school for that money!

I also bought a few boring bits and pieces (Pj bottoms etc.) and I have started my Christmas shopping. I can’t say too much (obviously!) but the presents I bought were so suited to the people I bought them for, and as I am a budget, I am going to be making a lot of my presents this year :) It’s all very exciting.

Right, enough for today. I best be getting back to my revision. I feel so unready for this test.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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