I can’t actually believe that in 28 sleeps…

So, it is Novemeber! Ahhhhh! And you know what that means! Dissertation proposal, Jersey boys, and THE ROLLING STONES!!! I can’t actually believe that in 28 sleeps, I will be seeing Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie while dancing and singing like a crazy! Haha! So excited :) Howver, I do actually need to get going with University work – what am I saying??? I am GOING TO SEE THE ROLLING STONES! Haha!

I genuinely can’t believe how quickly this year has gone, and the fact that it is almost Christmas scares me a little bit, but it is all very exciting. I do love the run up to Christmas, a lot more than the actual day itself, but I suppose that’s because the day is mostly based upon food and drink and, well presents (- the best bit! Haha)!

I went out last night, and my lovely friend bought me these little beauties! How gorgeous are they? I am going to go out somewhere today especially to wear them! Haha! They are literally the most beautiful trainers I have ever seen! BIG SMILE FACE!

Today mission is to write the three sections I need to complete my ETL essay! So, hopefully it’ll get done, however, as I am currently looking online at shopping and sitting in my PJ’s, it not a great start, but hey, I have all day. Haha!

Have a fabulous day, whatever you end up doing with yourselves! Enjoy it – You only have 50 minutes of pinch punching left :) Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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