Baby, you’re a firework!

So, for the first time in a while, I decided to have a full weekend off from Uni work and anything related to Essays or Research Project or Tutors or general scary things. So, I went I watched an insane amount of films including; ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Sherlock Homes’, ‘The Devil wears Prada’, ‘What a girl wants’ and ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’. I love weekends wear I can just throw on my joggers and practically do nothing all day haha! Then, Saturday night, my Sister came down from Colchester to see me! We went to the firework display that is near my house, and it was AMAZING!! I have never been to this one before and they were so good! Even the rat burgers were practically, well, ratty! Haha! Then we had a bit of a slumber nights with sweets and chocolates and films before going to bed.

Then Sunday we went shopping, and I have to say the Topshop sale, in particular, is AMAZING!! I bought a couple of new tops and a dress (however, I am still undecided on the dress as I feel a bit frumpy in it). The first top that I bought is designed by a company called ‘Oh my love’ and is quite different to clothes I usually wear was originally £35 and I paid £9!! (£1 off for student discount!) The second one is a simple cream top, but the back of it is gorgeous with a draped back and then a fish tail bit that falls down the back. It casual enough at the front that I can get away with wearing it in the day, but I can dress it up too, if I’m going onto somewhere. It was supposed to be £56 and I paid £18!! The dress that I am in two minds of is still the best bargain by far – originally being £80 down to a staggering £9!!! This is honestly the main reason that I bought it, but when trying it on at home for the second time, I am in two minds because of the style of it :/ But we will see…

So yeah, after a nice weekend, it is back to reality and the horrible feeling that I am now really behind on my University Work. I don’t think I am, but it still doesn’t stop you feeling like you are! Haha! Today, I have lots of reading to catch up on, and I want to finish off another section of my essay – very exciting stuff! I told myself that I would work my socks off, and that’s kind of my plan!!

Anyway, have a lovely day, whatever you’re up to while I sort myself out and try to get back on track.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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