Sunday 11/11

I wrote a poem, completely unrelated to this day. It was summer and on the news a young soldier had just died and I felt upset and angry that lives were still being taken for us. It makes me even sadder that I am writing this three years later and nothing has changed. I truly respect each and every man and woman that is out there fighting for us to have the luxurious lives that we do.

Secret heroes

They promised to give us back strong noble men,

They give us wounded scared boys.

They tell you to sign up,

But they don’t say you’re signing off your life.

A soldier’s sight is worth Β£1200,

But what is the price of a lost mind?

Burns, lost limps and hurt souls,

There is no cure for the nightmares.

The younger the better,

The more there is to ruin.

Pain that we can only imagine,

Running through their minds daily.

Leaving colleagues, friends behind,

They run for cover.

The government hide our heroes,

They don’t want to let people see the truth.

They are embarrassed and ashamed.

Why is this still happening?

Why aren’t people stopping it?

You wonder if they have a heart,

and why they hide our secret soldiers, our secret heroes.


Peace and love, Polly May xx


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