So, I finally have internet! It’s been murder. My computer at home hasn’t been able to connect with our little box thing and you really do realise how addicted you are to your computer haha!!

I have had a complete week off last week. Literally, I have done no work whatsoever. Sometimes I definitely feel like you just need to have a complete break from everything and clear your head. I caught up with friends, read some more of my book, went out for dinner, went to uni and generally chilled. However, in doing so, I now have to work extra hard this week. I want to get started on various things (uni wise) but I also have lots of fun things happening. I am going out to dinner, going to see Jersey Boys (excited!!), going to see my friends and their ‘new addition’, and then it’s THE WEEKEND!!! :)

I honestly think that I need to pull my socks up. Not in a ‘oh my gosh, I’m so behind’ kind of a way, but in a ‘if you want the grade that you are aiming for, you need to sort yourself out!’ way. So, this week I am going to work my little bum off! Haha! My Dad is decorating this week, and I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about this scene when moving the furniture…

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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