Carnaby Christmas & Jersey boys

So, last night I went to see Jersey boys at the Prince Edward theatre in the West End. I haven’t been to the theatre for literally years and I forgot how much I love it! Before we went to the show we went along Oxford Street (to the new Primark) and then had a walk along to Carnaby Street. The time always goes so quickly whenever we go up there. The Rolling Stones decorations down the street were incredible and they are favourites by far! The shops also had lots of lovely things but I am saving it for the show! I need to save my pennies :)

I am so excited! I literally can’t even thinking about the show for too long, becasue I literally staart squeaking and am unable to speak – haha!! The Vinyl baubles that were up were incredible and the shops had ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ playing from the them and I can honestly say I cannot frigging wait to see them!! 2 weeks baby! 2 WEEKS!

Then, we (Me, Mum, Brooke and Terri) were lucky enough to grab some front row seats for a special offer, and it was amazing to have them so close. The singing and general production of it all was incredible and I love that they played the instruments while performing, rather than just acting it out.

The songs they played were Beggin’ (my favourite), Walk like a man (also one of my favourites) Sherry, Oh What a Night, Big Man in Town, Can’t take my eyes off of you. I didn’t know all of them, but it didn’t matter. The story was amazing and so good to sit and watch as it adapted into a really meaningful performance. The New York accents were amazing too, and I am slightly jealous of them. Even if they were kind of Italian New York Gangstas haha!! (I couldn’t find any Jersey Boys pictures with him in them but Mark Isherwood – who played Tommy DeVito was an awesome Gangsta! haha!!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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