Life is as grand as you make it.

Sorry for lack of blogging this week. Have had murders with my internet providers. Grrrrr!

It’s been a long week with a lot of deadlines and assessments; I passed my maths folder and complete maths all together (woop!), I passed my science folder and, oh, the whole things altogether (woop!) and I passed my English presentation (woop woop!). It’s been hectic, but I am sooooo happy for have things that can start to be ticked off my final year list. Yay!!

I also got my selected third year school this week, and can honestl say that I cannot be happier… Yay!! I am still a bit nervous (but I always am) but it is in a local area, with an outstanding ofsted report, it promotes creativity and I have the year group that I wanted, so altogether, I am extremely happy indeed. After speaking to my friend while we went out for a chinese the other day, I do think that it is massively important to find that going out/doing work balance, so I am going to try and make the most of it, as it’s my last student practice and I won’t have another.

This morning, I went to a Vintage fair and I was super excited! Unfortunately,it was a bit of a let down. A lot of the clothing and accessories were just bought out of modern shops and labelled as ‘vintage’. One stand has bought wrapping paper from Primark and labelled it at ยฃ3, he obviously thought it was a boot sale, not a vintage fair! Haha! Never mind though, not the end of the world, just annoying when you have been looking forward to something.

This coming week, I will have lots and lots of blogs up for you guys as I quite the busy bee. So, stay tuned and have a fabulous Staurday night, whatever you’re up to :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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