Truer than true.


I love Dr. Seuss.

So, today, I had my first day at my placement school. I can’t say too much about the children, or the school, or any of those sort of details, but my first thoughts are that it will be pretty good. The class teacher was lovely and the school in general seems really helpful and actually caring in if you do well or not. It was such a relief and I am happy that it is my final, and most important, school. I have lots of work to do tonight now though, including loads of reading of policies, but for now, I am watching telly and drinking a nice sugar-y cuppa – smileface!

I am in desperate need of a new casual coat. All of my coats are insanely formal and I feel a bit like I am going for an interview when I were them to school, so I am on the hunt for a casual cosy warm coat that will go with most things. Anyone who has got any thoughts please comment, I am reaching the end of my tether now. I need to be warm and snuggly! Haha! (Maybe I could just wear my onesie to school?)

Yesterday I posted my night at the Rolling Stones. There are lots of links to my favourite songs, pictures from my fabulous seats and some random infomration about the night. It was beyond amazing. Like there are no words to write, but I tried my best to share the awesomeness of my night with you. Just click HERE!

It is just a catch up one today, as I wanted to write about how my first day and everything had gone, but I hope that you have a fabulous day and night, whatever you are up to, and I will be posting some more christmassy posts up very soon. :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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