Looking for a gorgeous updo?


So, as I will be starting school soon, it is a little bit frowned upon to have your hair down because it gets in children’s face and of course, there’s a chance of itchy nasty things – so, I try and avoid it. I do, however, passionately hate having boring up in a ponytail hair for work, so I am on a bit of a hair inspiration/hair envy/hair ideas hunt. This hair picture above is gorgeous, but I do think that it would take forever to plait it all and get all the bumps in the right place. So, anyway, the hunt – Here goes…

This first video that I found is pretty easy and really, really quick. She seems to be a quite well known youtuber vlogger and had loads and loads on her profile. Her closet is INSANE! So many shoes, I am so jealous, but here hairstyle is just what I am looking for. I love how it looks braided!

This one is super quick too – it’s a perfect hair do for school. With the little curls at the front, it is up and out of the way, but still nice and girlie :) Perfect. It would really suit a little dress and thick tights for those cold mornings!

Hello girlie mohawk! Although this one is a summer video, it looks amazing. I think it might take a long time to do, when half asleep and on the way to school, but it might be worth a go… As I have wavy natural hair, I think it could look quite good with a bit of help.

I definitely need to get practicing. I will have a fishtail plait and french braid down by the time I start school. I refuse to have boring hair.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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