It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


*insert snowy christmassy post right here!*

So, here in Essex – IT’S SNOWING! I normally get really excited about snow and have been worn to make snowmen with I heart NYC jumpers on made from pebbles and have snowball fights and generally be a big kid. This year, my first thought was ‘I hope this is all melted for tomorrow, I have an essay due’ – Epic fail. I think that horrible moment in someone’s life has just reached me – I am an adult.

So, today has now turned into a christmas songs, good movies, proof reading, drinking hot blackcurrant and possibly making christmas cupcakes day! Woohoo!! The best kind of day in my books :) I do love this weather and time of year! I will post up my days pictures for you all soon :)

I wrote my first hair linkage to cool videos post yesterday – go and have a look if you are looking fo something funky to do with your hair this winter. I’m gonna be trying the braided one today :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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