“Truth is, I think I am going to get a bit bored.”


This morning I popped to Lakeside and luckily enough there was a new Forever 21 store open! It has been ‘coming soon’ for a very long time, but now it’s actually open :) I went to the giftcard counter and said the promotion ‘all I want for christmas is Forever 21’ and recieved a giftcard with £21 on it! BONUS! I bought the most loveliest cream blouse that has sequins and prettiness at the top and then it goes all floaty. It’s so pretty. *Await blog*

I then spent the afternoon reading the last of the Harry Potter books. I am determined to finish it by the end of the year (which I know seems a long time away, but I am an exceptionally slow reader). It is going really well so far and I am on Chapter 15, so hopefully, I will get lots read now that I have broken up for Christmas. Truth is, I think I am going to get a bit bored.

I gave my EPS essay in yesterday and then my group of friends at Uni watched Christmas films and then went to TGI Friday’s, which I have to say, I had forgotten was so awesome! I had a lovely time and got a lovely hat and ear muffs in my secret santa. (Thanks Bean!) I can’t belive that it’s only 10 days until Christmas!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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