Add life to your days; not days to your life…


So, I was searching the other day and I found this. I just thought that it was so cute, so I thought I would share it with you. I am also in a bit of a cupcake mood today, as I made somethe other day.

This week I have got loads going on. I am going to see my Sister for a couple of days. Then, I’m meeting up for pictures and dinners with friends, got a little reunion christmas gathering, going to see The Rat Pack at Christmas show, going to Winter Wonderland before finishing off all of my christmas shopping and my EAL essay ready to start Christmas Eve on Monday! So, it’s all a bit go, go, go! I will, of course keep you updated on all of my fun times and whatever I get up to – It’s all rather exciting!


So, the new year isn’t far away. What are your New Year Things? I don’t call them resolutions because, sometimes it’s not about resolving something, but changing it all together. I have thought of a few of mine, but I can’t belive I am going to be a qualified teacher and will have graduated this time next year – that’s crazy.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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