Merry Christmas Eve Eve! (Or not…)


Well, it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, and I can honestly say that the Christmas feeling has left me. After buying the presents and putting them under the tree, there’s nothing much else to do. I went food shopping with Mum today, which was a big mistake. Christmas food shoppers will literally kill you for a mince pie! This time of year does get me thinking weird things though; like when I’m older and have to do all this myself what will I do? I think I will start my own traditions and do things a bit differently to ‘the norm’ as it can get really predicable and you know exactly how the day is gonna go. This Christmas I will get up, go and grab my Sister and her Boyfriend, come home, open presents, sit, eat, sit, drink, watch TV and go to bed. It’s pretty much the same every year.

Tonight I am off for a Christmas night around my friend’s house, and they are cooking me dinner and everything, so that should be nice :) Hopefully I will get my Christmas spirit back, because at the moment, I would say it was close to nothing.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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