Holiday blues…


So, now that Christmas has been and gone, I can honestly say; I feel like I need to go away. Somewhere nice and quick to get to with hot sunshine with a lovely beach. Unfortunately it’s not really a possibility at the moment. Mum and Dad are going away for a couple of weeks, so I am on house / Suzi watch and then after that, my placement block begins for 9 weeks. Hopefully, after my block, I will be able to book something up. I think I will need it by then haha!

I have so much to do before going back to University, but seem to have lost all motivation. I have heaps of reading to do for my dissertation, I have an EAL assignment due, which is 100% of my module, I have to do School Experience Prep and in between all of this, I have meetings with tutors and people that are going to check I’m ‘on track’. Oh the joys. I suppose, I have had a week off of doing pretty much whatever, just sucks a bit that it is straight back into working. *Reality sucks*

Anyway, onwards and upwards – I suppose it’s not going to get it done writing blogs is it?

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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