New Year, New Clothes

As part of my ‘unwritten aims’ for 2013, I want to start dressing a little more how I used to. A lot of the time, I wore exactly hat I wanted at College, however, since leaving College and working/going to University, my style seems to have tamed a lot. (I once wore a black top with baggy harem pants that I bought in Turkey with silver metallic jazz shoes!) I hope in 2013, to get back to my, ‘I really don’t care if people think I dress weirdly’ stage once again, and to do that I have treated myself to a few pieces…


1960’s Shift Dress With Sweetheart Neckline

These photographs really don’t do this Lipsy dress justice! It’s beautiful and suh a gorgeous colour, I had to buy it! I was lucky enough to find it in the sales, but I have to say that I would have considered paying the full price for it – Β£45. It is perfect for school and will be super comfy with black leggings and high swede boots that I bought myself last winter.


Waterfall Black Float Top

I love this top and its so unusual. The front is simple enough that I could wear it for School, but the back is super pretty and sort of floats down at the sides. It’ll also be really comfortable in the summer, with a pair of leggings and some cute sandals. I do think that it needs a little bit of sparkle though, so I may have to do a little D.I.Y. on it to make it more ‘Me’.


‘Forget me not’ Vintage Style Pencil Skirt

This skirt is by-far my most favourite thing I have bought. Being a lover of anything fitted and vintage looking, I love it! I am also a sucker for anything with gorgeous fading colours (like the purples into the blacks) so it was a must. I plan on buying some black creepers so to wear with it – I think it could look quite different with them and a black fitted top.


Fitted Lace Print Blazer

Although some jackets do suit me, I stopped wearing for a long time. Mainly becasue I wear a lot of dresses and I have never thought of mixing the two together. I bought this blazers because it is casual enough to wear outside of school too! I also loved the lace print, when it’s not really lace, so that was a bonus.


Coral fishtail back top

I bought a top very similar to this top form TOPSHOP a little while ago, but it was cream, and aftera while I realised that it didn’t actually go with anything that I owned and was completely see-through. This one is much more ‘Me’ It’s long enough to wear with black leggings and boots, but I could dress it up to go out straight from work. Plus it was a quarter of the price of the TOPSHOP one! Haha!

So, there you have it. I rarely do these sorts of blogs, and so I thought I would give it a go. I hope you enjoyed looking at the few bits and bobs that I have treated myself to recently. I am sure, there will be more that I buy in the sales soon enough. Haha! (Thank God my student loan is coming in soon!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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