Be The Change: Watch This Space.

Sorry I haven’t blogged for the past couple of days, but the truth is, I have felt a bit down. Not so cool. I am feeling much better today and am determined to get all of the work I need to done for Monday. Monday is the day when all the craziness starts. I have essays due in, meetings with tutors and then it’s start into school until the end of March. I then have just a few classes left at University and my last day in is the 1st May, and then I’m done. How crazy is that?


I think that working out my timetable is possibly the most stupid-est thing I have done to date. It made me go into a complete meltdown. I literally couldn’t do anything, yet had loads to do. However, today, I am going to write majority of my essay and do lots of research reading, ready for my meetings on Monday! I am determined. I also have to sort out my School Experience folder ready for Monday, as I also have a meeting for that too.

Anyway, away from that. I have had an okay week. Need to get a lot done over the weekend before all the crazy starts, but I picked up my teaching plans on Wednesday from School and I’m so excited! It all looks awesome. It’s a lot more specific than things I have done before – it has all been very ‘as you go along’ in the past – but it looks AWESOME!


My ‘being good for 2013’ has been going really well, but I definitely think that I need to turn the exercise up a notch. At the moment I am doing 100 sit ups a day, as they are easy to fit into my day-to-day life and I can do them while watching the telly, but next week, I definitely think that I will be doing a lot more walking and generally moving a lot more – who knows maybe dancing? I found myself dancing with my dog the other day to ‘Come on’ – Possibly a new fave? Haha!

I am becoming more and more obsessed with The Rolling Stones as my life evolves. I literally can’t stop listening to their ‘Grrr!! Deluxe edition’ CD that I got for part of my Christmas present. It’s amazing. I literally have it on in the car, then come indoors and put it straight on. I even left it on for my dog when I popped out the other day! Haha! I love it! And just as a little bonus, they have got a Brit nomination for the ‘Best British Band’…. THEY HAVE TO WIN!!

Anyway, I am off to do some more work for University. I will get the grade I want. Watch this space.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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