Harry Potter World: Mischief Managed…

So, yesterday Terri Jane and I went to The Warner Brothers Studios to see the Harry Potter World! It was AMAZING and possibly the best Christmas present EVER! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved every second of it. We had to literally run across London in the snow with our bobble hats on and our scarfs wrapped around us in order to get to Watford Junction to get on the shuttle bus, however we were an hour late. They were absolutely awesome though and didn’t even blink at letting us in to stroll around and look at our own pace. It was awesome!

The Diagon Alley was amazing, but I definitely think that the wands inside Ollivanders shop were my absolute favourite. The detail in them is CRAZY and included everyone that had something to do with the eight films! I also loved the wigs (Bellatrix LeStrange hair envy alert), and The Weasley’s house – The Burrow, with its self-knitting needles and self-ironing iron, oh and the Knight bus, number four privet drive and the many copies of the Daily Prophet. What am I saying? It was all totally awesome and amazing and crazily interesting to see how they put together the films that basically were my childhood.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day (Unfortunately, from running across London and getting caught in the snow all acceptable appearance had gone out of the window, so please ignore my face throughout haha!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx








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