Woop Woop! Go Me!


So, today I have been working like an elf at Christmas! I have finally completed my planning for next week, with all resources, worksheets and materials! WOOP! GO ME! As you may already be aware, but when I am on placement, my blog becomes a weekly thing due to the crazy amount of work and just the general stress of it all, so today is the last ‘normal’ blog before they start. I am a bit gutted, but am determined to include fun things in them, as well as school related stuff.

My fabulous Mum bought me a really cute book today. It’s called 365 days with Katie by Katie Piper, and every day it has a cute quote of a oomph of inspiration that you sometimes need. If you really like quotes and feel like it’s your kind of thing, I definitely recommend it. Some of them are so pretty and honestly just what I needed to hear.

It has not stopped snowing all day here, so it’s basically a waiting game to see if my school will be open tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I will speak to you very very soon! I promise!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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