Oh, how I’ve missed you!


Hello you lovely gorgeous creatures! I’m back with my first instalment of my weekly posts, as I am on teaching practice at the moment.

It is going really well, and although there are a couple of irritating ones in my class, overall I am loving my final placement. It has really got me thinking though – I seriously can’t wait to get my own classroom and do whatever I like with it, not because of anything bad in the one I’m in, but just because I feel a bit more ready to do it on my own now. It’s going really well and I am really enjoying it – have taught Maths and Art this week, but next week it’s Maths, Literacy, Science, ICT, Geography, Art and Spellings! Haha! It’s gonna be a busy week.

Anyway, let’s backtrack a bit. So, here in Essex, we had some pretty bad snow over last weekend and some people got that Monday off as a snow day, but not for me. Apparently, 50 parents went into my school on Sunday afternoon and cleared the entire place. No snow day for me! However, Terri sent me this, and being a massive Marilyn fan, I ended up watching it about 6 times haha! It’s amazing. If only women still dressed like her now and actually ‘dressed to impress’. Maybe it’s my area, but I don’t class wearing a baggy knitted jumper with see-through tights and leg warmers a good look. Sorry Essex.

I have been thinking that I really should try and find a job for the summer (Well, June & July). I finish University for good on the 27th May, which is crazy! However, I want to work like a manic in order to make the most of my last long summer and see places and do all the stuff I want to this year, so if anyone has any ideas on what I could do – I would prefer just a Monday – Friday job so I can do stuff at the weekends still, but I’m not too fussy really. Just something that pays well lol.

My Weekly Tune Up is definitely Justin Timberlake’s new song ‘Suit & Tie’. Featuring Jay Z, and with his usual mix up of sounds, what’s not to like? Go and have a look and see what you think. It’s pretty amazing. Possible new alarm for my half past six starts? Lol. A close second is Rita Ora’s ‘Radioactive’ purely because it starts by saying ‘palms to the sky’. Yes, I am having a bit of a Jay Z loving week. Ha!

Right, I am off now to do some dissertation work and planning and that. So, I will speak to you in a week – I am sure I will be extremely tired by then. I am definitely going to need a holiday at the end of this haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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