Happy Pancake Day!!!!


Happy Pancake Day!!! It’s possibly the best day of the year. The complete excuse to be completely unhealthy and not worry about calories or anythign. On the other hand, I am trying to be good, so won’t be going mad. I also don’t think that pancakes taste the same when you make them at home. Crepes on holiday with nutella in the middle are amazing. Crepes at home, are not.

The best panckaes I have ever had were from a little pancake truck in Paris, right by the Eiffel Tower. They were amazing and super cheap! I can’t believe we didn’t go bcak tot hat place haha! They were so yummy! (Even if the nutella did end up all over my gloves).

However, it is not just pancake day, it is also the start of lent and a lot of people will be giving up things. Smoking, drinking, chocolate, crisps and biscuits are all some of the most common ones. I have never done lent, so as part of my ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’ resolution, I am going to give it a go. I am not sure what it is going to be yet, but, as of tomorrow I will be giving something up. I have been off of facebook for over a week – does it count if I just carry on giving up facebook, or does it have to be something new? Hmmmm…

Anyway, enjoy your pancakes, and let me know if you are giving anything up for lent – I’m a bit stuck.

Peace and love,

Polly May xx

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