Rag city chick, Rag, Rag, City Chick.

hair picture for blog

Beyonce and Rita Ora busting out their gorgeous curly locks – if only I had black hair! I would literally chop off my left arm to have hair like this permanantly. I might even go and see if someone would advise me on doing this.

As you might already know, I have a ‘thing’ for curly hair, so on Sunday night my Mum knidly ragged my hair for me. I bought setting lotion, which I hadn’t used before, and it works really well. The curls were so tight – I usually have hair that comes down to the middle of my back, and when I took the rags out, not on piece of hair come past my ears! Haha! It was crazy, but after a bit of styling and pulling down the curls to make them less springy, I absolutely loved it! I wish I could have hair like this all the time, but I don’t think it’s very good for your hair.

If you would like to rag your hair, all you need is some strips of old fabric (preferably something with a bit of stretch in it), some setting lotion and a brush! It’s soooo easy! Just make sure you give yourself to take them all out in the morning, because it takes a while tot ame the curls! Haha!

Curly hair

So, what do you think? I think I might have to have it like this all of the time and just re-rag it whenever it falls out. I love it! And I reckon after a day or two, I will be able to have it down a little bit more and style it so that it’s not as ‘bunched’.

Oh, and if you don’t undestand the title of this post, feel free to watch this little beauty! Brap! It really does sound like he’s saying rag city chick – haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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