“Cor, I don’t want a lot do I? Haha!”


Oh my goodness! What I wouldn’t give to be on holiday sitting with my feet in the sea doing absolutely nothing. I know I only have 4 days left, but I am struggling and my body has quite clearly had enough. I woke up this morning with the most horrid headache ever, and have sat and planned all day. I also left my pen drive at school, so have to write everything up that I would normally copy and paste! Boo! 4 more days. 4 more days. 4 more days.


I found this quote a while back, but never really looked at it. I suppose little quotes and things mean different things at the different times that you read them. I think it’s lovely, and basically saying that yesterday is done, so just move on. You can’t changed anything, you just have to keep going.


I found this and just thought it was amazing. I know that they do this sort of thing in Thailand for special days and things like that, but how amazing would it be if we had a charity thing of this in London? I t would be awsome and would look so beautiful floating over the Thames. I wonder if this has ever been done on such a huge level?


I chose to include this picture of this girls outfit, purely becasue I love it! Unfortunately, I don’t have her figure, but I just love the maroon/biker combo. I have never thoughout of wearing black and maroon together, but I suppose it is broken up by the cream blouse, so it works a lot better. Might have to get me a black leatherish biker jacket.


I really really want to get away. I don’t know if it is because of all the work I am doing, or if I just geniunely need to go away for my head. I just feel a bit bleurgh and I definitely need a break from everything. Then, I can come back all relaxed and refreshed and start work on mydissertation (yes, I said the dreaded word).

This picture also tells me that I need to get to work down the gym in order to get my denim shorts looking lovely, ready for the summer. Can I also have the curly blonde hair on the right as well please. Cor, I don’t want a lot do I? Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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