Away, away; Make it count.


There’s nothing I wouldn’t love more right now, than to sit on a boiling hot beach and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately I have lots of work to do, but there’s always time for some sunshine right? I am going to have a look at a few places and see what I can afford me thinks. I really need to re-fuel and refresh my head, ready to start back at Uni and begin dissertationing! Argh! Really can’t be bothered, but I suppose that’s not really the attitude to have is it? Haha!


From today, I am living by this rule. If people really care about you and want to spend time with you, then they will. If they don’t, that’s their lose. I think I need to stop thinking about things so much. What other people do is up to them. I have my close friends and family, and that’s all I need really. No more trying to find out how people are etc. and then when something is happening in my life, they literally couldn’t care less.


Another thing that I need to start doing is mking things ‘count’. If I want to do something or go somewhere, why am I just saying it and not going to see/do it? I need to stop talking about places I want to go and things I want to see, and just go and do it! (I wonder how many things I can cross off on my bucket list by doing this more?!)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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