I must be doing something right… :)


So, yesterday was my first official day off from School or Uni or anything – It was awesome! I had such a good day, doing exactly what I wanted to! I didn’t get dressed until about lunchtime, watched rubbish on the telly, went shopping, bought myself a new clutch bag – so cute, read some of my book and then I came home to some pretty fantabulous news – I got onto the Primary Teaching Pool that I had the interview for on Friday. It was my first teaching interview and I have to say, I was really happy to actually have put myself across in a way that they actually wanted me. I was quite nervous, after waiting for 2 hours or so, and I feel like a talked a lot by the time it was my turn to speak, and I didn’t know if they had appreciated me talking so much, or not. Haha! But YAY! I feel like some of the hard work is paying off a little bit :)

Then, in the evening I went to the gym. I have also joined up to the Badminton group at my gym, and it was one of my ‘last time I did something the first time’ things. I haven’t played professional badminton, ever, I don’t think and it was really good! I love exercise and generally gymming it up! Haha!

I am off to get ready to go back to school now – Going to do more dissertation report bits and pieces and hopefully give out some questionnaires for the children to tell me what they really think of literacy – could be interesting haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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