“I feel like I blend too much…”

So, I thought it was a while since I put some fashion inspiration up. As you probably already know, I wanna start getting back to how I use to be! I used to wear whatever I liked and just didn’t care what people though! (I once wore MC Hammer pants and silver metallic jazz shoes to college!) HAHA! But, as I have got older, I feel like I’ve lost that a little bit. I feel like I blend too much.


As I have been going to the gym, my real aim is to get into a pair of Levi shorts and actually feel nice in them! Although I have worn shorts in teh past, I have never felt nice in them and I really want to tone up and wear them to my festivals in the summer.


There are some shorts in forever 21 that are almost identical to these. They remind me a little bit of the shorts that Beyonce wore for her performance at the Superbowl. This wore combination is lovely though and it would really look nice, once you had a nice summer – or fake – tan.


I have been looking for a nice new handbag for a while now and this one is gorgeous! I love studs and this bag is just gorgeous! I fI could find this bag but in a nice summer-y colour, that would be perfect. If you know any shops that are doing them, please comment and let me know. I am getting desperate to find the perfect bag now! HAHA!


This is the perfect shorts outfit! It’s so simple, but would look so nice on. The only thing that I would change, is that I would probably end up wearing converse instead of the cork and black heels, just becuase it’s quite a daytime look and I rarely wear heels in the daytime. I still think it’s lovely though, and it would be super comfy! :)

Anyway, I hope you got some fashion ideas from my blog and we will hopefully have some sunshine soon, so that we can wear them! :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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