I think I’ll leave it to Mr Kipling in future….


So, it turns out that Rice Crispy cakes are not as easy to make as they seem.

Although the picture gives the effect that I made some truly lovely rice crispy cakes, I cannot tell you how much of a hustle this was! I spent ages, literally ages making them. The chocolate seemed to go lumpy and the syrup sort of floated around the chocolate, rather than merging together like the recipe had said it should of, so I started again.

The exact same thing happened. I honestly donโ€™t know what I did wrong, but after the three of us tested one that I had made in the first batch, they went in the bin. I am so disappointed because I love rice crispy cakes and have been told that they are super easy to make โ€“ obviously not for me!

A very unimpressive cake session. Boo. (If anyone has any tips on what I did wrong or an amazinf recipe, as I honestly think that mine was wrong, please comment and help a very distressed and disappointed cake maker.)

Oh, and I have just found this recipe, which is completely different to the one that I printed off of the net. Note that it is by Isabel, who is 10.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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