LOOK Beauty…


So, although this may be a little bit strange for a girly girl who loves anything sparkly and pink, I am not really a make-up lover. I used to have pretty bad skin, so will never leave my house without foundation on (I even wear it to the gym), but I rarely make the effort to actually look a bit nicer than just the basics. Thanks to getting back into watching Kandee Johnson and her encouraging words, I decided to treat myself to some new makeup that wasn’t £1 from a store that doesn’t even sell make up and has their own brand of cheap make up. Ha!

So, I decided to buy some Look Beauty products from their new range. I hadn’t seen it before, but I really loved the look of it, and the bottles were on such a good offer too! (All face make-up is half price at the moment.) I bought the ‘Airbrush Base’ foundation in the Light/Medium shade 2, and the ‘Glow & Go’ highlighter because I feel that I need some more tone and, well, highlighting. I have never, ever, tried things out with my make-up before, but I think it’ll be fun! I will definitely be writing a review of the products I buy, as I plan on buying a couple of items for the next few weeks so that I can throw out all of my rubbish cheap products that probably are not good for my, now healthier, skin. I am planning to buy a foundation blending sponge, just like this one, because although they are so weird-looking they are supposed to be amazing!! I am very excited about all things make-up related :)

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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