Beautiful skies and happy days


So, this was the view from my bedroom window this morning when I woke up! How awesome is it? We actually have some sunshine! Hooray! Lol!! It kind of made me think about that saying, you know, the one about you feeling rubbish and rainy before you can be happy and sunny haha!

I have got so much stuff done today. I got up super early (well, early for a Saturday) and went to University, where I sat for the entire morning and a bit of the afternoon. I went and did some food shopping and got some absolutely amazing goodies (Hello fruit and fibre bread!) and then I came home to get on with a little bit more work and to get started on my art sketchbook, ready for my trip to The British Museum on Wednesday, which I will, of course, be bloggin about! Wow, I’m worn out just typing it! Lol!

I have got lots of work done, so I want to just sit and chill and do whatever I want for the rest of the weekend now, before the work starts again on Monday. I am determined to try and stay on track now that I have caught up from slacking a little.

Anyway, I want to ger 200 words done and then I can leave it all, so I had better get off of here and get on with it! Haha!

Have a beautiful sunny day,

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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