“I will be so over the moon when…”


So, yesterday I went to Westfeild’s shopping centre at Stratford. It was pretty good and I got a few bits and pieces that I had been looking to get. Stay tuned to see what I got in tomorrow post, as I am going to go through it all and take pictures etc. ready to share it with you guys.

I then got back and watched ‘Our Girl’ which was a BBC1 one-off program that I had recorded and not got around to watching, but it was so good. It showed the story of a young girl who lived in East London, lived with her big family and basically felt like her life wasn’t going anywhere, so she enrolled to the Army and, after her training was sent to Afganistan. I won’t ruin the ending or tell you anymore about the plot, but if you can watch it on youtube or iplayer, I would definitely try and wacth it! It really showed what the army ask of our troops, and it made you realise that it is just normal people that are fighting and risking their lives every single day.

Today is dissertation day – again! – I am determined to get my weekly aim of words written and finish off my editing, after a lovely day off yesterday. I will be so over the moon when I have given everything in and I am completely done and dusted with it. As I said yesterday, I also have my exam to think about, so I really need to get this done so I can move onto the next bit. I am currently watching the fantastic film ‘Limitless’ and have not started anything haha! Would be so good to have those limitless tablets to get this finished haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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