One day…


I will feed a baby elephant. Preferably in a nice hot country.

I recently looked into doing some travelling over the summer and one of my options was to do a elephant trek through a Thai jungle. It is something that I would love to do to and I have had it on my bucket list since I was about 12! They are just so beautiful and caring animals. The ‘Africa’ program on BBC1 literally had me in tears with that baby elephant episode (you know which one I mean)!


I will have a shoe collection like this.

Like every girlie girl, I love shoes. Shoes and handbags are my thing, but shoes always fit. I love them and I do wish that I could wear heels more often, but my feet just won’t let me. I have a pretty impressive shoe collection already but a few of my favourites have to be my ted bakers, my leopard print nike dunks and my aqua swede butterfly heels that I got for my 21st birthday.


I will be able to feel confident in a pair of denim shorts.

as some of you might now I joined the gym two months ago. Unfortunately it has run out for this month, and I am a little lacking in pennies, so I need to have a think and see if I want to re-join up, or try and stay fit on my own. I have toned up quite a lot, but I still feel that I need an extra brust of confidence.

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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