Why is it always the things that you think will take you an hour at the most that takes you all fricking day?

So, today, I got up in a relatively good mood (Yay! I got employed as a grown up yesterday!) and I started my day. I had the house to myself and I thought for an hour or so, I would sit and read through my results chapter of my dissertation. HOWEVER, as I began to read it, it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It was like a sloth had written it and forgotten in the slowness that they had already said that point four times on that page already. It was bad. I don’t even remember writing something that was that unorganised, but hey. Anyway, it is now 15:12 and I have just finished editing. I don’t know if I am pleased this it or not, but I literally cannot look at it anymore today. I want this think gout of my life. (Plus, now I’ve got a job, and I know it sounds bad, I kind of don’t care anymore. Ha!)

I can’t believe I’ve wasted a whole day. I am hoping to have it done and printed off by Friday, so I need to keep going. C’mon, conclusion and abstract to go and I’m done! I CAN DO THIS!

Peace and love and determination, Polly May xx


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