Recent Shopping Haul…


Some colourful tees from Primark – all colour were only £2.50 except the red one, which was £1!!!! Not sure why the difference in price, but I just wanted a bit more colour in my wardrobe ready for the summer, and I figured these colours would pretty much go with anything.


I bought these sandals for Tuesday (to go and look around the school), but it really wasn’t warm enough to wear them, so I am saving them for the summer. I just loved the simple detailing of the flowers, and the fact that they are black means that they will go with pretty much everything.


Pretty much what you see is what you get. AWESOME LEOPARD PRINT TWEEZERS!!! :) :) :) :)


These insanely huge Hudson League Champs tee. It is massive, like seriously massive. I am thinking that I am going to take it in with some little pleats and I need to girlie it up quite a lot. Truth is, I’m a bit in two minds about this one… Thoughts?


This really cute necklace is actually really tiny, but with the impressive zoom on my new camera, it looks pretty big – haha! I love that you can carry a little bit of love around with you all day long! Haha! I also bought another piece of jewelery, but I can’t put it on here as I got the same thing as a present for my sister! Haha!


I have kind of fallen in love with new pyjamas at the moment. Haha! How cute are these though? They’re also paisley, whihc make them even more amazing! I can’t wait to have a nice bubbly bath and get into them! Haha!


These everyday flip flops have been exactly what I have been looking fr to go with my Vintage Dress that my Mumberly made me. I didn’t want any shoes that would distract anyone from how awesome my dress was, so with their little bit of sparkle and being only £2.50, these are perfect! :)


These are some new little things. Apparently, they are the new headbands. They are basically supposed to not leave you with kinks or any sort of knots of whatever, unlike the average hair toggle – I know it sounds strange, but for £1.50 for 10, I guessed I could try them out! :)

I hope that you like some of the bits and bobs that I have bought. I am in two minds about the Hudson dress/top, but everything else I love! Enjoy shopping!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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