It’s official, I was born to live in NYC!


So, today I have got quite a lot done. I didn’t realise but I hadn’t eaten all day, so I thought I would try one of these pretzels that they were selling in the town centre. I wasn’t too sure what to have, but being a complete lover of all things bread-related (I love anything cheesy too!), I decided to try a sour cream and onion one, which had cheese on the top too! It was amazing!!! How I haven’t eaten these before, I will never know. It was so damn tasty! I could have literally eaten five of them! Haha! It was from a little ‘pop-up’ shop called Auntie Anne’s pretzels, and I think they are pretty big in America, but not as well-known over here (I could be wrong and they could be just new to me!). I really want to try the sweet ones next and they have so many good ones: cinnamon, chocolate, sugar… the list is endless! I am literally going to be the size of a house!

Go out and try one, and you can join me… haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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