rita-ora-natural-hair-twitter-1347618307Option 1

Hair envyOption 2

Reese_Witherspoon_2012_croppedOption 3

20a93a52fa929bbab7bea64ce92e508cOption 4

Comment and say which one you think would suit me best (my pictures are at the top of my blog) and I promise the one to get the most votes, is the one I will have done. I will have my hair permed, curled, chopped and layered… it doesn’t matter. I am even thinking of changing the colour to more of a honey blonde rather than ‘blonde blonde’… Please comment and share this blog so others can join in!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


2 thoughts on “Hairspiration

  1. I pick option 3 because its the most similar to your hair type – the top two are naturally curly hair, and you’d have to put in lots of effort!! Also, if you get it cut a bit wavy, you can do more with it and wear it straight/wavy/curly depending on how you feel! :) x

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