It’s all about June, Baby!

pkSo, summer is finally here! Well, kind of. In England, it is still pretty miserable to be honest. I am still in cardigans and scarves and my legs are paler than ever before! Haha! I have sooo many pretty summer dresses and just want to wear them out now! Boo, to you horrible clouds, Boo! Apart from this, I am determined to make the month of June 2013 AWESOME with lots of plans, trips, parties, birthdays, friends, nights out, final sign off from University and, most importantly blogging! Haha! (I should also mention that June is the month that I should get my degree classification! Scary stuff!)

I am seriously behind on my reading aim of 10 enjoyable books. This is a little bit because of the insane amount of academic reading I have had to do recently, but mainly because I just haven’t put the effort in, so my plan for June 2013 is to read 2-3 enjoyable books. I can basically read whatever I like, but it must not be to do with teaching or anything practical – just because I want to. I will keep you posted on this.

I am also hoping to get a little bit healthier. I want to be able to give the beginning of my teaching degree everything I’ve got, so I want to tone up a little bit and just feel a little less slobbish! I have already started to change little things such as eating more fruit, and eating less junk, but the next step is finding an exercise that I enjoy to do, so that I look forward to exercising, rather than seeing it like a chore!

A friend of mine suggested that I should do some more painting while I am off for the summer, and try selling them online or maybe to people I know already. Has anyone reading this done this before? What’s the best way to go about it? I know that a few people sell their paintings on eBay, but I’m not sure if my paintings would sell on their or not. Plus, I would want to make them personalised to people, so that they have participated in the outcome made. Hmmmm… A lot to think about. Any ideas or help that you have would be hugely appreciated as I don’t really know where to start and need a bit of guidance.

dsaJune will also be the last month as an official ‘student’ as I begin to work at my new job and meet my first ever teaching class at the beginning of July. It’s all very exciting, but I am determined to have lots of fun beforehand and see the things that I want to see etc. I have about 10 weeks off over the summer, so I’m determined to tick some stuff off of my New Year: Things list.

Anyway, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day and remember today is a brilliant day to do something amazing! You never know, today could be the day that everything just falls into place for you. Always look on the bright side of life – do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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