Bang Bang.


So, for the past couple of days my Dad and Sister have been away for a little trip to Scotland, so it’s been a nice opportunity to spend some time with my mum. It has been lovely, and we did a lot of things that we had been putting off, as well as completely lazy reading days; I took her to go and see my School that I will be starting work in on the 1st July, we went to Bluewater and had TGI Fridays’ (which was lovely!). I did, however, get really really sunburnt on Tuesday after sitting in the garden, reading my book. I totally didn’t realise how hot it was and ended up looking a bit like a lobster haha! It is now Friday and it is still calming down. Not good.

As you might already know, I set myself the target of reading three books in June and I haven’t been able to put ‘Safe Haven’ by Nicholas Sparks down! It’s such a good storyline and I love that I am getting towards the end, where each chapter links to each of the characters and kind of tells you how they saw the event, rather than having it all come from one perspective. It’s really really good, so expect a book review soon, as I think I should finish it today (YAY!).

I am going to a Gatsby Night at a little place called ‘Tea and Sympathy’. Obviously, I am going all out for the 1920’s amazing-ness, and have got a flapper dress with a sequins cape and shoes – the works! But, I am hoping to read the book before I go. It’s only a short one, and it would be helpful to know the storyline etc. before the night. I have also been listening to the official soundtrack via youtube this week. It’s pretty amazing, and as it was produced by Mr Jay Z, what’s not to like? There’s so many artists on it, it’s kind of insane; With and his song ‘Bang Bang’, Jay Z himself with ‘$100 Bill’, Emeli Sande’s version of the Beyoncé classic; ‘Crazy in Love’, Florence + The Machine, Fergie, Sia, Lana Del Rey; the list is literally endless, it’s definitely worth a listen.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday – the sun is out, and the weekend is very much here. If you’re in work, it’s only 5 more hours and then you have beautiful weather and BBQ’s to look forward to haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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