So, my weekend has been pretty good. I have caught up with friends, seen my sister, done some shopping, planned lots of art related things and treated myself to a few new things for my classroom (eek!). Altogether it’s been pretty awesome!

On Friday Night, me and my sister sat in and watched ‘The Voice’ before reading our books and watching Ratatouille – Yeah, we cool. We saw Leah McFall’s performance of ‘I will survive’, which was insanely good and resulted in her being #4 in the UK charts! Ironically, this is a higher position  than any of the judges songs that are on the show’s panel. It was so good and after seeing it, we searched for some more of her tunes. I have to say that her version of ‘Suit and Tie’ by Justin Timberlake is probably my favourite. It features Beat Fox, who is insane and completely makes the song! I can’t wait for her performance next week! It’s gonna be amazing!

(We also came across this video, which we then laughed at for about an hour. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it! It will totally make your day! Haha!)

My Sister also bought me a lovely Filofax for my teaching in September – so if you know any good websites for inserts, I’d really appreciate it! I have been looking around, but I want nice ones that are a bit girly hahaha! It’s all very exciting though, I have to say: my first grown up teaching diary – expect a very organised blog very soon!

Right, this was just a quick catch up as I am off to London today for an absolutely fabulous day with my Uni girlies. It’s going to be full of museums and Maxwells food and cocktails and laughs and science things and awesomeness, so I will blog soon. Have a fabulous Monday and remember that not all Mondays are rubbish, just the ones that you choose to be.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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