Finally; I’m getting my Filofax on!


So, for the past three years (all the time I have been at University), I have used the 15 month diaries that are at Paperchase. They are perfect for student diaries and I love the fact that there is loads of room for to do lists and notes and general ramblings. However, this year, I don’t really like any of the designs and I decided that I needed something new and as one of my New Year Things was to get a little bit more organised, I thought it was time for a change. So, over the weekend – by complete fluke – I came across this lovely Filofax. It is leather and smells beautiful and it didn’t cost me anything as my lovely big sister bought it for me as a ‘well done for getting your job’ present. Big smile happy face.

Since getting it, I have been searching the web for some inspiration, as I don’t want it to be just a normal Filofax, and I love customising any sort of notebook/organiser. I love the idea of putting your own stamp on it and making it really personal. As a starting point, I am looking at making my own dividers with a little twist on them, so I will; of course keep you posted on their development. I think that I could become a little obsessed.

filofax grid

Gala Darling mentioned her love of her new Filofax a little while ago, but I really like some of her ideas that she put into it. Especially the idea of writing ‘I am so happy and grateful…’ on the notes sheets and then completing / writing on them whenever and whatever you want to. She claims that this idea really does work, which is extremely exciting! I might give it a go being as I’ve got nothing to lose! I also found some other websites and blogs completely devoted to Filofax, which, at the moment seems a little extreme, but I reckon I will be exactly the same within a week! Haha!

For now, I hope some of the images have really inspired  you to get organised and helped you figure out how you would like yours to eventually look…. Enjoy!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

(p.s. If I have borrowed an image of yours, please comment and leave your link/blog so that we can share our filofax affair! Haha! The ones I used were the ideas I liked the most, so thank you!)


9 thoughts on “Finally; I’m getting my Filofax on!

  1. Hi! I noticed you used one of my pictures for your blog post. It’s totally okay, but since you did not ask me for permission I am assuming you didn’t ask others and thought you should know you might get some ‘I’m mad at you’ mail ;) Anyways, LOVE your post and your new organizer. Hope it makes your life more stress free :)!

    1. Hi! If you would like, I can add your link or blog or something? I wasn’t sure how to give you credit and would love to mention where I got my ideas from. Thank you for being so nice about it, the ones I used were my favourites :) I am thinking of adding a newer post once I have made all my dividers and everything, so, thank you :)

  2. The black binder is the ‘Rosa’ by the Dutch brand Succes. It’s also available in red and it’s still for sale. Succes is a great quality brand. The ‘Standaard’ size is the same as Filofax personal.

  3. Forgot to add that ‘Junior is the same size as Filofax pocket and ‘Executive’ is the same as Filofax A5. It’s also available in tan/brown.

  4. Hi,
    The organiser is called ‘Rosa’ and is made by Cross, rather than Filofax, but the ‘Standard’ size is the same as a Filofax Personal. I’m not sure if this design is available anymore, as when I bought it all of the inserts were in Spanish and for 2010 (hence the need for new ones!) There might be a couple floating around on the internet if you have a look :)
    I hope this helps!
    Terri-Jane xx

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