Forget about money. Be happy.


Sometimes in life, I feel a little bit lost. It’s not because I have lost anyone or anything or because I have failed something that I was hoping to. It’s not really for any reason whatsoever. I suppose that I wanted to write about this because I wanted to say that if you ever feel life this there are things that you can do to cheer yourself up! You don’t have to feel lost or lonely or sad or anything negative, you can be as happy as you want to be. So, here are my tips to a happier you:

<3 Take yourself into London, or whatever city you live nearest to, visit Museums, galleries, exhibitions, shops, walk along a river, grab yourself some lunch and eat it in the park. Spend the entire day sketching and looking at gorgeous pieces of art.

<3 Read a romantic book in the sunshine (weather permitting) – Nicholas Sparks is, of course, one of my favourites with Dear John and Safe Haven pretty near the top.

<3 Wear some colour. It has been proven that colourful clothes (even nail varnish!) can improve a person’s mood. It’s also an amazing way to improve your wardrobe and stop yourself from wearing so much black.


<3 Make yourself a ‘before I die’ list. This may seem a bit strange, especially as I am only 23 and have already had mine written for about 6 years, but it’s an amazing way for a organised person (like me) to stay on track and decide what I want to achieve. It’s like a life-long to do list haha!

<3 Text some friends. Arrange a meal, night out, shopping spree – Anything! Friendships have an insane ability to cheer anyone up. They make you feel loved and valued, and if you’re going through a not so good time, it’s always good to talk to someone about them for their advice and guidance.

<3 Set yourself a goal. Everyone has something that they have always wanted to do, but put off because of various things that stand in the way. Forget about the excuse! Make sure you save for that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, start that craft project, read that book and visit that place. Life is always going to give you excuses to not go and do something, so just bite the bullet and go for it!

<3 Watch a childhood film. Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Rescuers all have magical powers to cheer you up. Honest.


<3 Travel. Go and see all the things that you see on the internet, in magazines and in holiday shops. Visit the attractions that inspire you and expand your knowledge and understanding of where you live. The world is literally there for you! So, book your tickets, take photos and create memories.

This blog was strongly inspired by galadarling for her utter fabulousness. I find her blog posts so amazing and after my sister sent me the link for her ‘How to move to New York City’, I was hooked. If you haven’t visited her blog, she is a lot more advanced than me and has some really amazing links and posts!

I hope that you have an absolutely brilliant day and make it the happiest that you can. Even though bad things might be going on around you, just remember, you are the only person that can change how you feel. If you choose to be happier, you will.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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