Embellish your nails!

P1000202What you will need:

<3 Nail Vanish Remover & Cotton Wool Pads (if you have old nail varnish on)

<3 Some embellish nail pearls – or a set like mine if you are lucky enough to have one (this one is from Primark but I’m not sure if they are still doing them)

<3 Barry M ‘ Foil Effect’ silver metallic effect nail varnish

<3 Collection 2000’s 2 in 1 Basecoat & ridge filler – this stuff is amazing!!

<3 A nail cleaner (or a mini plastic sword if you’re like me! Haha!)

nail vanishes<3 After taking off all of your old nail varnish and cleaning underneath your nails, you will need to do one coat of base coat on each of your nails.

<3 Then, on the nails that you are not going to embellish, you are going to need to do two coats of the colour you’ve chosen.

P1000212<3 Now to get pearling (if there is such a word)! On the nails you want to embellish, paint two coats of the nail polish in the kit.

<3 Then, simply spinkle the pearl on top of your nail and push down gently with your finger. Make sure that you do this over a tray or something with edges as they tend to have a mind of their own! Haha!

P1000221<3 Ta -da! …And this is what you’re left with! They didn’t take me very long at all and they look so effective. I am a little bit worried that they will become my new obsession haha! I want to get some colourful ones too…

P1000222I hope you have fun decorating and embellishing your nails. I am loving mine and they seem to staying on so far… We will see :)

Peace and love, Polly Mayxx

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