Press Play: Leah McFall.


Like many people, I am an absolute sucker for anything to do with ‘talent TV’. Although nine times out of ten there is very little talent and majority of the acts are on the show for an entertainment purpose rather than a talent purpose, I still attempt to watch as many of them as possible. Haha! I loved James Arthur in the X Factor last Christmas; however, he seems to have disappeared like many of the other winners.

One show that I have been absolutely hooked to is ‘The Voice’. I think the idea of it is much more acceptable to watch as the people need to sing well in order to continue through he stages of the show. Another reason to watch it is the hilarity of and his general comments and feedback to the contestants. He literally makes the show in my opinion.

Anyway, I tuned in on Saturday night as I was having a bit of a quiet night in and spoiling myself a little bit haha! Leah McFall has been my favourite to win since her very first audition of ‘RIP’, originally sung by Rita Ora. However, when I found all of her videos on youtube and her amazing version of ‘I will survive’, I can honestly say that she became the clear winner of the show. I mean, there’s not a lot of people that can sing on a talent show and reach number 3 in the UK charts! Insane!

Unfortunately, much to a lot of peoples amazement, Leah didn’t win the series and the crown went to Andrea. I did, however, want to share some of my favourites of Leah’s songs with you, as she is definitely still my favourite and I would happily go and buy her album and see her show. So here you are…

Peace and love, Polly May xx


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