Battlesbridge & Ideas…


So, yesterday I went to Battlesbridge Antique Centre for a bit of a mooch around and to see if there was anything a bit unusual for me to buy. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy much, just a little pink rose ring that is really dainty and cute! I love it! However, it did get me thinking. Why couldn’t I make little presents and things for my friends? I love cross-stitching, painting, photography and a little bit of knitting/hand sewing, so I am thinking that maybe I could do something with that? Handmade presents are one hundred times nicer to receive than ordinary shop bought presents, but where to start. I am thinking of making some little cross stitches or something and seeing if I could give them to people / sell them, but maybe it could develop into me naming my own little inventions. It is definitely something to think about and I love crafty things, so it would be a good way to keep my interest in it while I am working. Have you had any experience of making your own things? I would appreciate some help with ideas and inspiration of where to start :)


Anyway, I had a lovely day and had a sausage sandwich and a cup of tea up in the rooftop café of the old mill building (where my photo is from and where I couldn’t stop laughing at ‘sandwitch’ on the menu). I finished my day by going to visit my Aunt and Uncle with my Mum (which I love). Unfortunately my Aunt isn’t feeling too great at the moment, but it is good in some ways as I have seen her 3 times already!! Haha! Hopefully she will be feeling a little bit better soon and be back to herself.

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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