Review: The Tourist.

The Tourist

So, the other night, Mumberly and I sat up and watched ‘The Tourist’ that came out in 2010. I am not really a fan of action / thriller films with a lot of shooting and violence (haha!), but it was actually really really REALLY good! I couldn’t stop watching it. Luckily, we had recorded it on our little box thing, so we could skip all of the rubbish adverts and just watch it straight. It was honestly so good and I am baffled as to why I haven’t seen it before.

It stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, which is a reason to watch it in itself, but the storyline was so good and the massive twist towards the end of the film was a complete shock and totally turned the idea of the film. It was based on the idea of a couple meeting on a train and having dinner, however, one of them had an ulterior motive and the storyline slowly unwinds. Although it hasn’t got very good reviews online (as I am typing this, I am looking them up) we both thought that it was really good and really well written! I loved it! If you can, go and hire it, or find it online. I honestly can’t tell you how good it was and with all the rubbish that is currently on the television, why wouldn’t you want to find a good film?

I actually didn’t realise how amazing an actor Johnny Depp was and I know totally understands why he is so gorgeous – Sorry, I’m a little bit slow haha! I have added the trailer for you to have a little preview before you go and watch it! Haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xx

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